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Spa Setting

Custom 60min Service $120

This customized facial is  based on your skin type and the condition of your skin at the time of treatment.  With wild organic seaweed ingredients your skin will feel refreshed and rebalanced.

Herbal Compress Balls

Nu Skin Tone and Lift


Before you run off and get fillers and Botox try this lifting and toning treatment. With micro current this treatment will create a sculpting and lifting effect while also encouraging lymphatic drainage.

Natural Soap

Acupuncture Facial


The Acupuncture Treatment is the perfect synergy of an organic customized facial with the healing powers of Chinese medicine.

For the best results the treatments are available in a series of 5 or 10.

Spa and Wellness

Custom 90min Service $135

Would you like more time...this 90 min treatment will include the application of brown detoxing seaweed to the back for the duration of your facial.

Spa Salts and Stones

Brown Seaweed Detox $130

Perfect treatment for detoxing, after traveling, taking medication, or even at the change of seasons.   The application of brown seaweed to your skin along with the back will help to pull impurities and leave you feeling re-energized.

Soap and Herbs

Youth Facial (under 18)


This is a 60 min treatment for our littles ones.  Along with the facial is the education of the importance of taking care of their skin during their hormonal ages.

Natural Soap and Flowers



This super anti-aging treatment that lightens hyperpigmentation and soften fine lines after one treatment.  No downtime you just look refreshed and bright. 

Beauty Spa

Vitamin C Treatment


Vitamin C is an important part of the skins antioxidant support. This treatment focuses on repairing hyper pigmented damaged skin by brightening and smoothing out irregularities.


“I’ve had many appointments at Vegas Acupuncture Therapy, and each treatment is better than the last. The practitioners are friendly, knowledgeable, and have decades of experience in wellness and the healing arts. Dr Faith, Vince, and Marlo are truly Masters in their respective fields.

My newest favorite treatment is the Acupuncture Facial. This is the best of both worlds. It’s relaxing for the body and mind. Firming for the face. Marlo’s expertise with the high performance sea based product line, Phytomere, had my skin glowing. Paired with the facial needles, I felt my face tighten almost immediately. I left the office refreshed and received many compliments on my skin afterward.

A huge “Thank You” to Vegas Acupuncture Therapy for creating a unique and effective treatment, emphasis on the treat. Go TREAT yourself!!”

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